CORAIL is a research group focusing on the design of efficient and accessible methods for solving challenging combinatorial problems. Specifically, we develop innovative hybrid algorithms that combine techniques from artificial intelligence, such as logical reasoning, machine learning, and operations research. To do so, we are using various methods such as constraint programming, backtraking algorithms, reinforcement learning, and deep learning.

The group mission is to show how different sub-fields of artitifical intelligence can be combined together in order so solve challenging decision-making problems, arising in many industrial contexts. One of our focus is on the accessibility of the methods conceived. We strive to make them easy to use for non-experts and small companies.

The group is led by Quentin Cappart and Louis-Martin Rousseau from Polytechnique Montréal. It is associated with the interuniversity research centre on enterprise Networks, logistics and transportation (CIRRELT).


May 2024

Two papers accepted at CPAIOR, one paper accepted at IJCAI, and one paper accepted at L4DC. Congratulations Hugo, Léo, Andoni and Heikko!

December 2023

Andoni and Francesco won the control track of the CityLearn challenge at NeurIPS 2023. Congratulations!

August 2023

One paper accepted at CP 2023 with the distinguished paper mention. Congratulations Tom, Pierre, Tristan and Louis!

April 2023

Two papers accepted at LION 2023. Congratulations Mina Parham and Augustin Parjadis!

August 2022

Congratulations Isaac Rudich for the best paper award at CP 2022 conference!

May 2022

Two papers accepted at CP 2022. Congratulations Louis Popovic and Isaac Rudich!

9 February 2022

Welcome to all new team members!

15 May 2021

We are happy to release our group website ! You will find information about our team, research, and open positions.

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